She loves to eat KRAVE for her breakfast, so much, that she says ‘I wish the island in this kitchen is made out of KRAVE so that I can cut it and eat it as much as I can’

Haha, you silly girl! 🙂


Often Shri runs to me and says, “you know what I think now, mommy??!!!! I love you SO much, like THISSSSS much, and I want to marry you” 😛 Hahahaha

She’s so cute!

My goodness! After a bit of struggle, password forgetting drama, finally able to recover my blog. Only reason for me to refresh this by my posts, is to keep track of all the stuffs Shriya does….This age, soon-to-be-6 phase, she is full of laughter, silly jokes, drama, dressing up, learning, playing, attitude and I sure don’t want to miss her funny anecdotes and acts.

So here I am, will definitely post anything and everything about my little Miss Shri

Love you, my girl, ALWAYS!


We just got back from our Vacation and needless to say it was a pleasant experience. Hawaiian islands are one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever visited. With multiple scenic spots and drives, the landscape varies from lush green rainforest to barren molten spewed lands that stretch to miles and miles of area. Shriya thoroughly enjoyed her vacation and had a lovely time playing by the beaches and the pools at our resort.

I will be writing up a detailed post on our day – day activities with pictures / videos!


One of the youngest fans Sheldon Cooper will ever get – SHRIYA! She lovessssss to watch him on BBT and sometimes repeats his monkey acts in his same tone as well. I love the way she does that and it is CUTE to watch her do it. One evening, as I was tired lying on the couch, she ran to me & sang Soft Kitty to me 😉

Oflate, Shriya calls herself as Johnny and walks to  me & claims ‘Hi! I’m Johnny, pleased to meet you’ and shakes my hands and walks off 😐

I’ve no idea seriously as where she got this from, but it’s kinda cute though 🙂

I know,,,,it’s been so long since I had written a post…Hopefully I will be more regular here! *Fingers crossed*