p1050720Yes Yes Yes… I did a Digital HPT this morning with FMU and it read ‘Pregnant’. Yayyyyy!!!

I cannot describe in words how happy I’m. Earlier this morning, I could’nt sleep at all. Past few days, I wake up at around 4 30 AM or 5 00 AM…jus turn this side or the other, disturb my poor DH and fall asleep again at around 6AM. This morning, I’m supposed to take my Digital HPT, so it added my insomnia. And my test results were positive. Immediately, called my mom in Kuala Lumpur (eve 6 PM for her) and passed on this happy news to her. She’s really really happy, I can see that from the other end of the phone. Conveyed the news to my in-laws also who are vacationing with us right now. I can see tears in their eyes. And I belive no one else in this world are happy for you except your parents…

I truly feel its my dad’s blessings, which are making things easier, with less tension, for us. I wish he’s alive with us now to share this happiness…Love you Papa, miss you!