Oh my gosh,,,why am I getting so tired and sleepy? Atlanta weather is also very pleasant for the past 3 days. It rains then n there and remains calm & cool for the rest of the times. It is lil cold and chilly outside, so I just feel like wrapping myself in my comforter in my cute-cushhy bed and sleep as much as I can.
Last night, I slept at around 9 45PM and woke up at 6 45 AM. Usually, I get disturbed in the middle of the night for a pee-pee or my DH’s snoring πŸ™‚ But last night, was such a calm and peaceful sleep for me. God!I loved it!!!
How I wish I could sleep again now.WHAT??? AGAIN!!!! yes, again…:-( But alas, I’m at work and gotto work and spend 4 more hours here. I just can’t wait to get back home and sleep, wrapped inside my comforter, which will still have the smell of my DH. Oh, I love that smell πŸ™‚