Yayyyy, I went for my 1st doctor visit, although the nurse was dealing with me and not the doctor. My heart was beating more ever since I left my home for Dr visit. Finally, after driving for 15 mts, I was at doctor’s office. My DH came there too from his work place. After I gave my specimen for testing, she called me and checked my BP. It is normal. Phewww! and she said ‘Congratulations! You are 5 weeks & 1 day pregnant’ 🙂 I felt like I;m in 9th cloud. I was all smiley smiley. Asked the nurse for diet restrictions if any. Also she gave me a list of medications I can take for common headache, nausea, abdominal pains et al.

My next visit is on Sep 18th Thursday morn 11AM.  I will be 8 weeks at that time. And it will be a complete check-up with Dr.M.  I believe they will do ultrasound for baby’s heartbeat which I’m longing to hear. My baby’s heart has already started to functioning, I beleive, acc to Internet source. But we can hear it better only during 8th week. Gosshhh, can’t wait for Sep 18th.

In the mean time, I’ve already started talking to my jelly-bean 🙂 . Yes, I’ve named my baby as jelly-bean, don’t want to call / refer my jelly-bean as ‘it’. I talk to my jelly-bean, give a kiss to my jelly-bean and gently pat my jelly-bean and put it to sleep 😛 . I know I sound crazy, that too within 5 weeks of PG’y. But still, it’s my baby! And I love my jelly-bean