Well, ahem,,,,hmmmmm, Yes, it is my morning sickness which makes me feel uggghhhhh. I threw up twice since morning and I hate this feeling. I have this morning sickness since Aug 30, saturday morning. On that day, I threw up twice since morning and I was exhausted by lunch time. Lunch was good, i was so damn hungry and ate 4 types of rice. Also I had a nice sleep while my DH went for shopping with IL.

Sunday morning, as I woke up early to leave for airport to drop my IL, again I was uneasy and hated cofi smell 😦 earlier I used to LOVEEEE coffee, now I HATE IT!!!

As we had some friends to come over for lunch on Monday A/N, I  got up by 9 & started to cook. But I notices that oflate, I hate the smell of cooking or the food by itself. But somehow managed to finish the cooking with my DH’s help. Also, I have diffuculty in eating any food 😦
God I hate this feeling of mine,,,Hope my morning sickness is over soon.
I love my baby