Well, mmm,,,,yes. All these weeks its my horrible morning sickness which made me hate everything in this world…I mean, EVERYTHING !!! The worst affected, I should say, is my DH, who had real tough time in making me eat someting and to hold it up onto me. Its not in past tense anyways, I’m still nauseating and gaging, but of course, I feel lil better & it seems to reduce the number of times I throw up.


Today, I’m 12 weeks pregnant. Completeing my 1st trimester. Whooooooaaaa !!!

But past few weeks, I should say was really bad on me. Some of the few instances were,

Sep 18th – My first OB-GYN visit on my 9th week, didnt happen because my darlin hubby came late from work for Dr. apptmt, got held up in traffic and missed the apptmt. But luckily I saw the nurse who gave me a shock saying ‘You are really dehydrated, Please rush to the ER immediately’ . Tears rolled down my cheeks, my DH looked helpless, took me to the hospital and there I lay in the ER for 5 hrs… Never thought my MS will put me thru this 😦

Sep 26th – Went to work. My boss at work was quiet understanding reg my pregnancy and what I’m going thru coz of MS. Yes, I had to tell at work, I was left with no choice as I was  throwing up at work enormosly. They allowed me to take SL whenever I felt like. So, on 26th, I left to work, thinking of the weekend ahead, but I couldnt hold even water. As a result by noon, I threw up like 10 times. I called my doctor and there you go, she adviced me to go to ER directly. And yes, I had to get IV fluids again. This time my DH was really pissed with me 😦  I am helpless 😦


Sep 30th – We have changed my OB-GYN as the Cobb hospital was really far away from home and it wont work out during emergency situations, like me getting dehydrated often…This new Doctor’s office and hospital are less than 2 miles from my house. It was very convenient when we had my first OB-GYN visit to her on my 10th week. We saw our lil jelly-bean, wiggling 🙂 and listened to its heart beat. Goshhhhhh its the sweetest sound I ever heard and was in tears…But in the end, after testing my urine sample, she gave me a hard time saying that I’m dehydrated and had to get admitted immediately 😦 Dare not to look into my DH’s eyes…I went to the hospital, got admitted in private room. This time it was longer, I was there till 9 PM and came home after that. This MS suckssssssss