Week 13 – Day one: Started with me throwing up early in the morning. Ugghhhhh, I feel sick 😦 I try to gulp in as much as Gatorade as I can as I have Doc apptmt tomorrow and dont want to get dehydrated, go to hosp, all that drama , not again !!! Inspite of me eating and holding up lil bit, there’s no weight gain in me 😦 I still weigh 99 lbs 😦

Day two: Its a bad bad day…I thrwo up even before I wake up from bed and counter increased to 4 times before 9AM. Panicked and paged the doc, as usual doc adviced to get admitted in hospital. But thought I will try to hold up for some more time n had pill and holding up until I see the doc in the evening. But at doc’s ofce, she said I’m dehydrated but not very severe. My DH wanted to stay at home and not at the hospital on Friday nite, so assured the doc that we will take care of ourselves and came home and had dinner n went to bed early at 8 30 PM

Day three: Trying to hold up not to throw up. I wanted to divert myself so went for Air show nearby. Spent the rest of day at friend’s house. For dinner, went to HSB and was successful in holding up to the smell of the food at the restaurant.

Day four: Looks good, but I feel lil cranky when I have Reglan…Need to check with doc on having this pill, during my next visit. Spent the A/N at our friend’s place and retired early to bed

Day Five: Monday,,,,uggghhhhhh!!! But I’m working from home today

Day Six: Remains the same

Day seven: I have completed 13 weeks.  🙂