Week 14 has started for me…Day 1 is so far so good. No complaints…Have been drinking High Protein Ensure drink which the doctor adviced. I hope I gain some pounds and stay hydrated enough tomorrow during my doc visit.

Alas, the doc said still i’m dehydrated and little off with ketones…Mannnn I hate this !!! Again got a cold stare from DH. Hope to regain hydration soon…

Weekend was nice and fun at friends place, prepared for her baby shower and had gala time with all our friends on Sunday. And rest of the week, went on ok with me throwing up atleast twice in the morning and I try to eat little rice for A/N and dinner. I want to gain some weight,,,which everyone says I will eventually when my nausea stops and I eat well. I look forward for those happy days in my life and get back to normalcy sooooooooonnnnnnnnn

Love ya, my jelly bean, cutie pie. I talk sometimes to my jelly bean and comfort my jelly bean saying it is all ok,,,mommy is doing fine,,,i want you to be a healthy baby and looking forward to see his/her facial expressions, smile and all those cutey cutey stuffs.. 🙂 Love ya my kutti kunju