I’m in Week 15 now and still 2 more days to go to complete my 15th week…My nausea has reduced, may be I can say with the pills I take. Coz when the pill effect is reduced, I feel queasy and I take another pill immediately. I’m looking forward for the stage where my nausea is completely gone and I’m without any medication.

During this weekend, we had our friends come over for Diwali party and had nice time on Sat evening…There were about 15 of our friends and we had a gala time with fireworks and food.

I’m able to manage work also now but at times feel queasy and uneasy. Maybe 2 more weeks I will come a day to work and after India trip will come to work all 3 days a week or 2 days may be.

Weight gain – mmmm – Doc said I gained 1/2 a pound and I badly want to cross atleast 100 lbs. I’m trying to eat well but unable to stuff more food. I’m trying hard…I’m trying hard for my baby and to satisfy my DH. Poor DH, he has helped me a lottttttttt and suffered along with me during initial weeks of pregnancy. I owe him a lot !!! Really LOT. Love ya honey and love ya jelly-beanooooo, my kutti pattu,muuaahhhhhhhhhh