I have completed my week 17 and in my 18th week now. I’m going to my hometown this week, in about a day 🙂 . Am pretty excited about my India trip as its for my dear bro’s wedding and also planning to have my traditional baby shower. Though its too early for baby shower function, my mom and in laws wanted to have it during my presence there 🙂 Am soooooo excited.,yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I have given my blood sample for AFP – Down syndrome test 10 days back, still no sign of the results. The doc said that they have changed their lab and its formalities are changed…Im hoping to get good results from that test.

Also, though I’m excited about my trip, little scared about my 23-hr flight travel and the food I will eat during the travel, since I’m not yet used to eating outside food. God save me…

And my jelly bean is going to feel the presence of its grandparents close by 🙂 am very much excited for him/her tooooooo.

See ya