Yes, back from India sadly 😦 I miss home and my mom terribly now. But I had a lovely time in India. My 2 weeks vacation (not really a vacation, it was hectic with shopping, the wedding, baby shower…) was just awesome.

We had so many functions associated with the wedding, so my house was always filled with relatives. Though I enjoyed it a lot, I miss being with my mom ALONE. Yes I could’nt spend alone time with her 😦 I feel really bad on that. But still there is a chance for me to be pampered by my mom before I deliver my lil bundle. I have to get her to US of A by March and should get her visa papers ready by then.

Ok, Now about my lil jelly-bean…My KK was fine and not much of ‘paduthals’ during my India trip. Initially, I did throw up but as days went by, I was happy to notice that I did not throw up for few consecutive days nor took my pills to control my nausea. But whenever I feel queasy I took my pill which made me drowsy and cranky and not to talk to anyone 😦

Once I’m back here, my nausea started and I’m again on pills now 😦 This feeling sucksssssss and I hate this morning sickness of mine