Yes, my sweet lil jelly bean is a GIRL. I’m so happy to have the little princess of our family. I’m already dreaming of dressing her up in ‘pattu pavadai’ and all pink-pink dresses 🙂

Yayyyyyyyy I love my DAUGHTER 🙂

Both me & my DH are extremely happy and waiting to welcome her arrival into our lives…She’s going to be a TAURUS girl like me. She will be pampered by her grandparents, my in-laws, undoubtedly, who didnt have girl babies in their family.  My In-laws got 2 sons and no daughters, so I guess they will shower their love on the lil princess. When we broke the girl news to them last night, my MIL was in tears and extremely happy to hear the news. My DD is going to be the angel of our lives…Love ya honey. Muaahhhhhhhhh !!!

To make a note about my little baby, she’s doing good and weighs about 14 ounces now. Its 21 weeks + 1 day on the day of my u/s (18th Dec 2008)