January 2009

Here I am to post the 22nd and 23rd week of my pregnancy.

22 weeks

22 weeks


I had my GD test this tuesday and was expecting my results today and got ‘Negative’ as the answer from my nurse. 🙂

Phewwwww, wotta sense of relief. I usually wud’nt have been scared for this test, if I had’nt had a cup of my ‘sweet pongal’ leftovers I had in my fridge, which I ate sumptuosly the day before my Diabetes test. What a dumbo, Iam…tchh tchh. But God is in my side 🙂 and gave me a good result. I was scared that I will get a false test and thereby ending up in a 3 hr GTT. Luckily, I’m safe. Now I crave for donuts 😛 😀

And these days, my jelly-bean’s kicks are very much regular. The one I feel during 6:30AM, even if i dont feel it while sleeping, my DH gets her kicks and happily says, ‘our daughter is awake now and is showing it by her kicks…’ . I feel very much happy when my DH feels her kicks and smiles 🙂 He has started to feel that my jelly-bean is indeed a part of our family now…we are no longer 2 in number, we have the 3rd member in our family who will come out soon 🙂

Thanks honey for your kindness and the affection you show towards the bean…Our princess is lucky to have you as her dear dad! She will love you as much as I love my dad…or EVEN MORE, I’m sure about that 🙂

I just love my DH & my DD

Muaahhhhhh to you guys. Love ya’

– A

Hello my lil one, your mommy is almost 26 weeks as of today. I will be completing 26 weeks by tomorrow.

I’m lil worried about you, my jelly-bean…Had a doctor apptmt today and she feels that your growth might be small now 😦 I want you to be a nice grown healthy baby… I have an ultrasound scheduled on Feb 3rd and I will see you on that day. Till then, eat how much possible as you can take from mommy and be a good girl. I hope your weight is normal as per books…Even if my belly doesnt look big, we are fine if you weigh fine. So be a goodie goodie girl till then, I’m looking forward for 3rd to see you… Love you honey, love you all my life….your daddy and mommy love you so much. Muahhhhhhhhhhh

– Your mommy

Past few weeks, my kutty pappu’s kicks are timed by me and I see that she is regular with her kicks 🙂 . And recently, I noticed that during her kicks, I can literally see my stomach getting a lil tap from inside and will notice a jerk 🙂 I love to witness the jerk by my eyes whenever it happens. Also, I asked my DH to keep his palm over my stomach whenever it is KP’s time to kick and the smile on his face when he realises her kicks, its just awesome.

Recently, whenever I listen to some masti songs, I feel the kick even though its odd time to feel it. May be I’m thinking way ahead too much but I guess my DD loves those songs as much as I do and is dancing to the tunes. I wish to see her as a beautiful dancer in future. I will train her in Indian classical Bharathanatyam and planning to put her to Ballet dance classes as well…Let me see wat’s in store for my KP.

God’s creation is so lovely and it feels heavenly. I was just wondering what my lil daughter is doing inside such a small confined space all these days, her feelings, her thinkings…I know I’m thinking too much about my lil one’s thinkings, but still, it is a motherly feeling 🙂 I guess.

Whatever it is, these kicks that I started to experience recently are just wonderful and I love this pregnancy period. It took me whole 6 months to say this, and I am saying this now, I love my pregnancy period!!!

Thank God for this lovely time period during which I can enjoy my baby’s kicks.

Love ya honey


I have completed 24 weeks and started my 25th week from today. I can see a slow increase in my weight these days…And we are really happy about the same. I want to be active throughtout my pregnancy and want to have a healthy baby by a normal delivery. Rest is all in God’s hands.


Jan 7th being my dad’s death anniversary, I felt very disturbed by the past thoughts. I hope he is resting in peace and blessing us. I Miss you Appa. Love you.