Hello my lil one, your mommy is almost 26 weeks as of today. I will be completing 26 weeks by tomorrow.

I’m lil worried about you, my jelly-bean…Had a doctor apptmt today and she feels that your growth might be small now 😦 I want you to be a nice grown healthy baby… I have an ultrasound scheduled on Feb 3rd and I will see you on that day. Till then, eat how much possible as you can take from mommy and be a good girl. I hope your weight is normal as per books…Even if my belly doesnt look big, we are fine if you weigh fine. So be a goodie goodie girl till then, I’m looking forward for 3rd to see you… Love you honey, love you all my life….your daddy and mommy love you so much. Muahhhhhhhhhhh

– Your mommy