I had my GD test this tuesday and was expecting my results today and got ‘Negative’ as the answer from my nurse. 🙂

Phewwwww, wotta sense of relief. I usually wud’nt have been scared for this test, if I had’nt had a cup of my ‘sweet pongal’ leftovers I had in my fridge, which I ate sumptuosly the day before my Diabetes test. What a dumbo, Iam…tchh tchh. But God is in my side 🙂 and gave me a good result. I was scared that I will get a false test and thereby ending up in a 3 hr GTT. Luckily, I’m safe. Now I crave for donuts 😛 😀

And these days, my jelly-bean’s kicks are very much regular. The one I feel during 6:30AM, even if i dont feel it while sleeping, my DH gets her kicks and happily says, ‘our daughter is awake now and is showing it by her kicks…’ . I feel very much happy when my DH feels her kicks and smiles 🙂 He has started to feel that my jelly-bean is indeed a part of our family now…we are no longer 2 in number, we have the 3rd member in our family who will come out soon 🙂

Thanks honey for your kindness and the affection you show towards the bean…Our princess is lucky to have you as her dear dad! She will love you as much as I love my dad…or EVEN MORE, I’m sure about that 🙂

I just love my DH & my DD

Muaahhhhhh to you guys. Love ya’

– A