February 2009

I had my 3rd ultrasound on Feb 3rd @ Atlanta Perinatal consultants, again since the doc suspected that baby’s growth might be smaller (during my last visit to her), inorder to confirm that everything looks good, we had this scheduled u/s. Well, the technician there said that everything looks good, got some few pics of the baby. My baby, my lil darlin’ is in head down position and is facing back, so for the second time 🙂 she couldn’t get a good pic of the baby. [During my 2nd u/s also my jelly bean was not co-operating to give a nice pic of her 🙂 ]. Well, I should say, she tried really hard to get a good picture of her. And I was thinking that perhaps my lil one is indeed shy, shy to pose 😛 . She is a ‘Shy baby’ I guess 🙂 Few instances that made me joyous were, when I saw her arm close to her head position, and once when the technician said, ‘Look she opened her eyes!!!’ The moment I could concentrate and see it, I noticed a movement and then she said ‘Oh, there, she closed it now’ . And I could grasp that moment and motion of my baby. Wow, it felt so good to see a little thing inside your tummy which moves and the feeling is totally motherly and I loved that feel. Thanks to the improvement in science & technology.

As per the doc, everything looks good and the baby is healthy. But she weighs lil less than as per books. She weighs 2.2 lbs but as per my 28 weeks, she should be 2.4 lbs. And he adviced me to increase my protein intake. Well, Iam still continuing my Boost, protein drink, and in addition to it, having egg included in my diet. I hope my baby gets allllllllllllllllll the protein she needs from me and grows into a healthy cute girl.

Love ya honey bun



Hard Boiled egg

Hard Boiled egg

As a part of protein my diet, my DH wanted me to include EGG in my meal. Being a typical Tam-Brahm and a pucca vegetarian all these years in my life, I haven’t tasted any meat, even Egg, in my life. Now for the sake of my baby’s health, I tried one last weekend. Did the “EXPERIEMENT” at our friend’s place. After many thoughts, I said I will go ahead & try one. My DH gave me a boiled egg. My initial expression by looking at it was NOT good, I should say. But later, giving a thought about having a HEALTHY baby, I went ahead and tasted it with salt & pepper.  Though they say its Good for Health, my verdict was, it is bland and very plain to eat and I DO NOT like it 😦