Yea, I had to take a break from my blog, for some time, since I was not in a good mood to pen down all the happenings with me… Now I’m little relieved from 1 or 2 of the bunch of the issues I had, so here I’m resuming my work of jotting down the baby growth.

Feb 10 – My first visit to my OB-GYN without my DH:

Well, to start with, after the u/s on Feb 3rd, I had my OB-GYN visit @ Feb 10th. This is my first ever visit without my DH. My DH had some meeting @ work and so I went all alone. I was thinking that it will be a regular visit but seeing the reports from my Feb 3rd u/s, my doctor got concerned about my baby’s growth. She said my baby’s growth is small, her tummy is not proportionately growing and that her placenta is small…blah blah blah. I could’nt hear more, as I was in tears…No DH to console me, I felt really bad and missed him terribly. Wished he was with me holding my hands and wiping off the teeny-tiny tears that rolled down my cheeks. 😦 Coming home in the evening, I poured out all my feelings to him and he consoled me a lot. He checked with the doctor the next day and he got worried from her reply too. I was put onto more effective protein diet of more butter, whole milk, whole yogurt, more nuts, Boost – Protein drink, Egg…I wish my daughter takes all the proteins she needs and grows healthy. Now, my doctor has put me on to bed rest in the evenings and she said NO to standing in the kitchen/cooking/cleaning or watever. She’s fine with me going to work but to be on complete rest after I come back from work.


Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day:

This Valentines Day, I wanted to make it very special since it will be the one we have before our jelly-bean arrives and forthcoming years we will spend it with her…But after my doctor visit, we both were in no mood to celebrate it nor visit friends for fun and party. We were at home, cooking, eating, watching Television…But still we exchanged few gifts and made it memorable. Thank you honey, I LOVE YOU 🙂


Feb 16 – My DH left for NJ:

Hmmmm,,, I’ve got to stay alone for a week now, as my DH is travelling to his client place for work. I will be completing 30 weeks during this week and I feel / wish to be with him ‘more’ these days and spend more time with him. I need his comforts, his hands that hold me, that gives me warmth, his lovable & caring kiss from his soft warm lips…The sense of him not with me, makes me miss him even more miserably. Wish this week flies by…


Feb 19 – Day I hate the most –

Yes, I hate this day. My mom applied for US Visitor Visa and it got rejected. Gosshhhhh, i hate this. I was hoping for this time all these days of my pregnancy where my mom will be with me and now suddenly I feel, this day is gonna get even more longer. Her visa got denied – reason being the US consulate thinks her as a potential migrant to the US. BS, I will say…Wata crap reason! Just because she’s a widow and having both kids living abroad doesn’t mean that she cannot come to US. Is it a forbidden country for her to visit? I mean, can she never visit US of A at alllll??? Damn them. I stayed at our friend’s place for the previous night and went to my place in the morning, all dull and moody from the rejection of her visa. Damnnnn


Feb 22: The OSCARS –

Yes, the OSCAR night was favorable to India and ARR bagged 2 oscars for The Slumdog Millionaire.


Feb 26: My 4th Ultrasound –

I had my u/s scheduled again today to monitor the baby’s growth. I was 31 weeks pregnant by this day. Got some positive results from the doctor, earlier u/s showed that my baby was 5 weeks behind her growth, but now she has grown a little, not too much, but has shown some good growth and is 2 weeks behind growth. We were little relieved and visited my OBGYN the next day. She was little satisfied about the growth too. But I was asked to contine my protein diet and to eat MORE n MORE food.


Feb 28: Atlanta’s 1st winter snow –

It snowed for the 1st time this season in Atlanta. I’m just hoping for some good news from my mom as she’s appearing for her visa again next week.