My mom’s visa got rejected the second time too, with the same reason of no strong ties back in home country. I just hate this system, why can’t they issue a VISITOR VISA for her,,, I badly want my mom to be with me during my labor & delivery. I was dreaming of the times we spend with each other, me showing her the places around my house, the store I do my grocery shopping, my work place,,,me sleeping on her lap, she looking at my tummy, the way her grandkid moves inside my tummy….Hmmmmmmmmm, God seems so unfair to me and even my Dad didn’t help me now, to fulfill my wishes. How I long to eat my mom’s food, enjoy living with her comforts, warmth & affection…Its so hard for me to digest that she will not be with me when I deliver her 1st grandkid…Really hard. I wish to spend more time with her, especially during my pregnancy, especially after going through a terrible awful morning sickness phase. But it’s not happening…Its going to take a long time for me to console myself and to live with these kind of hard time that god gives me…*sighhhh*