May 2009

My DH travelling this whole week and I’m in my 35th week all alone a whole week 😦

I miss him a lot. Went for doc apptmt again without him and my doctor did an internal exam this time along with Group-B Strep test. And she told me that I have started effacing, no dialtion yet, but effaced. She also said that the baby is low now but not very low… So now its waiting phase for me 🙂 Am all excited to meet my DH and share this happy news with him…Love u honey, we are going to have our baby soon


March 18th was my 34 weeks complete. Iam enjoying my pregnancy now and feeling very happy every moment of my life 🙂

Yea, that’s right, my DH arranged for a total surprise baby shower for me with the help of his friends…I was totally surprised and happy to have the shower for me. I had real good time on my baby shower day 🙂

It was on Mar 14th weekend @ one of our friend’s day. The food was awesome and we had games at the end of the party.

Thanks my DH 🙂

Here’s a pic of the lovely-yummy cake on my baby shower 🙂