A looooooooooong time due from my side to update my blog and I have all good reasons 🙂 for this delay. Yes my little one has arrived 🙂

Shriya came into our lives on April 16th 2009 @ 9:14PM. I had a normal Vaginal delivery.

She weighed 4 lbs and 12 0z at birth and 17 inches in length. Yes she is a small petite baby.

The moment she came to our lives, it changed TOTALLY.  Our joy knew no bounds when she was handed over to me. She was still warm from the warm temperature inside my womb. My heart pained when she cried. Yes, thats my first moment of feeling motherhood. I felt thrilled. Happy. Excited. Nervous. She is our LIFE, she is our AIR, she is our WATER…I know, iam all blabbering here 😀 but the bottom part is I love our SHIRYA. Thank you Lord for sending this little angel into our lives 🙂

 Here’s a pic of my lovely angel…She, indeed is God-sent angel to us 🙂

Our angel

– A