Yes, this post is all about the initial 2 weeks of the month of April 2009. That is, before the arrival of my lil angel, Shriya 🙂

It was almost ending of my 36th week of pregnancy and I was having weekly appointments with my OB-GYN. And the update from my last appointment was the baby flipped, she’s in position now with head down and is low.  Everything was going fine, but she suspected that the fluid level might be low. So again I go to Atlanta Perinatal Consultants, of High Risk Pregnancy diagnosis for an Ultrasound. The doctor there, checked the ultrasound reports and said that my fluid is indeed low, but not terribly low. And that I should drink more & more of fluids, water & juices, more carbs and should continue my bedrest…As usual we turn up home worried about the baby.

Me_38th week

And we get back to our OB-GYN the following week with the ultrasound reports. We were expecting her to advice us to go back to the High Risk center  for another ultrasound for a follow-up. But to our surprise or rather shock I would say, she looked up the ultrasound report and asked us “When would you like to get induced?” :-O We were like “W-H-A-T????” .  “Are you not going to wait until 40 weeks for induction or…until mother nature would start with the contractions???” . She firmly said “NO. Your fluid level is very low and since the baby is in position, I would not wait until 40 weeks. Its not good for the baby”. She ordered me for an NST immediately @ the hospital and she checked with the hospital for availability of the bed for L&D. IT all happened on April 14th evening. April 14th was our New Year Day according to our Tamil Calendar and it was an auspicious day for us. The hospital replied back saying that they have a room available on 15th, Wednesday evening. That left us with exactly 24 hrs to get prepared for the hospital and needless to mention for our D-Day. The day we will have our LO in our arms. And we agreed for my doctor’s decision and respected her decision a lot.

We went back to our home, after my NST at the hospital, discussing all the possibilities of both Normal delivery or it may end up with a C-section too. We did some grocery shopping, stacked up our refrigerator with all possible vegetables and fruits available at the stores. I packed my hospital bag and was brain-storming my DH about what is where in the closets, so that he can fetch them from our home, if I need them while I was at the hospital.

I pleaded with my DH to work from home that morning, so that we can leave to the hospital in a calm, relaxed, stress-free state rather than hurrying up in the last minute. MIL made an excellent lunch, which we all had and retired back to the couch. I was working until 4 that day and so was my DH.,though we spent our time as a couple, talking about the days ahead with our baby, saying this is the time for both of us and there’s no more 2-of-us, its going to be 3-of-us from now on,,, How true!!! And we are looking forward for that 3-of-us time whole-heartedly. It was about time we leave the house to the hospital, one last look at the nursery, which will have Shriya in 3 days’ time 🙂 Every impression is savored, pressed like dry flowers in the middle of a book and stored away like a treasure to be smelled later, bringing back glorious memories of the past. We left the house after Prayers, excited, happy, tensed, nervous, eager…what not 🙂