August 2009

Aug 20th 2009 was Lord Krishna’s bday. Since we have our own kutty krishnar @ our place now :-D, I was so eager to dress her like Bala Krishnar. Me & my mom made seedai, appam, payasam and all the delicasies that accompany this festival and were ready for neyvedhyam (Offering to the Lord before we eat). So I promptly carried out my plan of cooking,cleaning,dressing up Shriya…Ooppsss did I mention ‘dressing-up-Shriya’??? Yeaaaaaa, that’s where my plan flopped! Oopsie….She was dolled up with all my pretty pretty necklaces, my bracelets as her armlets, golusu, valayal, and even a peacock feather on her head like the Lord himself. And the moment we were ready, she was NOT. She showed her discomfort by her cries and we immediately removed all her jewellry, fed her and put her to bed. Cudnt take even one picture of the darlin’ dressed up as Krishna. Sighhhhh 😦

After Her highness’ nap time, I managed to dress her a little and took this pic 🙂

Lord Krishna as a kid


My Krishnar! 🙂



Hmm…Shriya is 18 weeks old now. Time FLIES!!! cant beleive my LO is 18 weeks now!!!!!!

Last evening, as usual, we were playing with the lil bean while her dad put her on her tummy. Yes it was tummy-time. And our lappy was on the couch. We noticed that the little clown was attracted to the lite coming from the laptop. Curious to see what she’s upto, we put her close to the laptop and wonder of wonders!!! She lifted her tiny fingers and started to play on the keyboard! OMG!!!! How is she grabbing for things!!! We were all surprised, dumbstruck, no-words-to-explain-what-we-witnessed! God bless Shriya darlin’ 🙂

Shriya on laptop

Shriya on laptop

Just wanted to post some of my fav pics of Shriya….

Soon after coming home, this was Shriyu’s bed for some weeks 🙂

Shriya in her crib

Shriya in her crib


Settling in home with mommy…New Mommy & New baby 🙂

With mommy

With mommy


One of my Fav picture.,,,lol @ the way she clings onto her dad 🙂

Dad & Daughter

Dad & Daughter


Dad sleeping....

Dad sleeping....


&….Daughter sleeping….IN THE SAME POSE!!!!!!!!!! Genes works wonder, brings in lotsa surprises!




And here comes her FAV SWING! (God knows how am I gonna get rid of her habit of Rocking her while putting her to sleep :-()


Yea, my LO turns the other way 😀

Its funny coz I’ve heard my friend’s kids roll into their tummy first and then roll back to their backs. But we noticed this the other way with S. While she’s on her ‘tummy-time’, one day, she rolled back on to her back with a thud on her head :-D. For a second, her eyes were like, ‘What-happened-to-me, what-did-I-do???’ look and now she’s used to her flipping back ritual 🙂

The first 4 months with Shriya, I guess, this post will be the lengthiest post so far in my blog :-D. Thanks to Shriya’s pranks :-D.
As everyone knows, the initial days were pretty tiring as a new mommy for me (for my DH too) . We came to know about this right the day (errr night) she was born. After me getting transferred to new mommy’s room from the L&D, Shriya was asleep and all of a sudden she cried like anything around 3 AM. We were pretty tired and were fast asleep and woke up alarmed!!! CODE ALERT!!! 😀 We didnt have a clue as why she was crying and called up Nurse’s assistance and she came in, checked S’s diaper and was smiling, saying, baby has a Poo-Poo
:-D, nothing to worry. And there started our diaper changing ritual 😛 , well, rather for my DH. I wasn’t able to even stand up on my own as I had Episiotomy done, so he was taking care of the LO, changing her, swaddling her, feeding her (Yea, I didn’t get my BM for initial 4 days and S was on Similac)
Thus it started….and it continues…. 🙂
S was born 4lbs 11.5Oz, got reduced to 4 lbs and 7 Oz the next day 😦 My heart ached when I read the weighing scale and I felt motherly feeling in me immediately. So I was “roomed-in” for the sake of the baby, and to improve her health & gain her weight.
We came home on Sunday the 19th of April 2009.

Soon after I got colostrum, S was completely on my BM. So the feeding routine was like 8-10 feedings a day (Even recorded 11 some days 😀 ) And she used to fall asleep while nursing, it was very very difficult for me to wake her up from her sleep and to make her latch to me. I cried so many days saying she isn’t drinking much from me and she’s just sleeping all the time. there were times when I freaked out completely and called up my Lactation consultant many times in a day 🙂 Now when I look back and think about those days, I wear a big fat smile on my face. How crazy I was over her feeding!!! Motherhood rocks!!! 😛

After 2-3 weeks of staying in lower level, we finally moved to the upper level to our master suite where we have housed S’s nursery. And now S sleeps in her own crib. How cute!!!

And the feedings got reduced to 6-7 times a day and now it is like 5-6 times a day.

The next thing I would like to write about is F.O.R.M.U.L.A. Arrghhhhhh S still doesn’t like formula and we force feed her. I know its not going to work out in the long run, but still, she has to be fed formula atleast 1 a day as I have joined back to work. I tried Similac Advance Early shield, Similac Isomil advance, Enfamil Lipil and now back to Similac Early shield. She cries / resists initially for 2 mins and later on she will accept it and drink. But those initial 2 mins, if people hear her cry, they will think as if we are torturing her 😦 I’m helpless as to how to avoid her initial fussiness over formula 😦

Other thing, I want to mention is her sleeping pattern. She needs to be rocked in her swing during daytime to put her to sleep. I tried many times putting her in her crib, or in bed beside me,Nahhhhh she doesn’t sleep. Though she feels terriblyyyyy sleepy, she will rub her eyes so much, but she wont sleep. Eventually she will cry saying that she IS FEELING SLEEPY & wants to be ROCKED!!! She wins everytime!!! Finally, I think its better for her to sleep than to cry and end up in putting her to her SWING. Whattaaaaa stubbornness!!! She will sleep within 2mins once she’s in her swing. I’m helpless now, again, as to how to make her sleep without rocking her in her swing, coz, am sure she will outgrow the swing soon….

We started Single Grain Rice cereal for our LO. The 1st 2 days I tried, she didnt like it and from 3rd day she started enjoying it, hopefully, she continues 🙂

Uffff!!! Its more than 4 months now since the new arrival 🙂 Its true that new mommies wont get time for anything…even to take a peaceful shower 😦 I mean it, even a shower 😦 No one knows for sure when the newborn will cry / whine / becomes fussy. No time for personal care — That holds good for all mommies I guess, not only newborn, even with a 4 month old 😀

Planning to write the happenings with my LO as a new seperate post, hopefully today 😀