Aug 20th 2009 was Lord Krishna’s bday. Since we have our own kutty krishnar @ our place now :-D, I was so eager to dress her like Bala Krishnar. Me & my mom made seedai, appam, payasam and all the delicasies that accompany this festival and were ready for neyvedhyam (Offering to the Lord before we eat). So I promptly carried out my plan of cooking,cleaning,dressing up Shriya…Ooppsss did I mention ‘dressing-up-Shriya’??? Yeaaaaaa, that’s where my plan flopped! Oopsie….She was dolled up with all my pretty pretty necklaces, my bracelets as her armlets, golusu, valayal, and even a peacock feather on her head like the Lord himself. And the moment we were ready, she was NOT. She showed her discomfort by her cries and we immediately removed all her jewellry, fed her and put her to bed. Cudnt take even one picture of the darlin’ dressed up as Krishna. Sighhhhh 😦

After Her highness’ nap time, I managed to dress her a little and took this pic πŸ™‚

Lord Krishna as a kid


My Krishnar! πŸ™‚