September 2009

My mom has been very interested to try knitting few projects for my LO. And she’s really good at what she does. I mean, she shows a complete one hundred percent dedication, interest, hard work in watever she does. And yielded very good results with that.


around 5 30 PM, Shriya FLIPPED!!! 8)

Ye, it was really cool witness her flipping 1st time 🙂 Me n my mom were really curious to see the little one trying to flip since afternoon, I mean trying really really hard…Most of the time she will be 97% flipped but still not 100%. But finally by evening, she flipped and I was video-taping the whole trying scenario and yayyyyyyyy’d loudly to her 🙂 Poor thing, got lil frightened when I yelled

Here’s one sample pic of her in her flipped position.


From Sep 12, 2009 I started feeding her tiny amount of Gerber 1st Foods. I tried Carrots, AppleSauce & Sweet Potatoes for initial trial period. Touchwood, she seems to like all 3 of ’em.


I initially started with carrot thinking that she might get attracted to the colour of the food & I was 100% correct! 🙂 She was instantly attracted to the color of the food I had in my hand and was very curious I should say. And so, my first trial was a great success! I add 3 tsps of water in the bowl at the end and feed her to water mixed with the leftover food in the bowl and she just gulps them down!!!


Needless to mention the Applesauce & the Sweet potatoes here, babies DO like sweety stuffs and Shriya is no exception for that. And yday, it was even more funny to hear her make those noises, like, demanding for more food. Usually I give her 1/3rd of 1 pack of Gerber 1st foods but yday she had 1/2 a pack of AppleSauce. She LOVES APPLESAUCE!!! And as a result, she drinks very less formula, the feed that follows her solid food. I got panicked (nothing new, duh!) and checked with her nurse, who said that babies until 1 yr of age need about 24 Oz of formula / breastmilk ATLEAST…I calculated and horribly, she has close to 15oz a day which is very very less. So I decided to cut down the Quantity of Solids and add on more Formula for her., which I know she will resist initially but HAS TO drink EVENTUALLY! She knows, her mommy is strict 🙂 with her food habits!!! 🙂


Now, this week, I’m gonna try for Gerber Beans / Peas…Fingers crossed!!!

I have started Rice cereal Single Grain for my lil one from her 4th month. I started giving her rice cereal after her Ped’s 4th month visit and her ped was quiet fine with it. My initial attempt was futile, but I was not ready to give up 🙂 A typical mommy, hmmm!!!
I added lil formula in her rice cereal and a pinch of sugar and lo behold!!! she started liking it 🙂
Added another “success feather” on my Mommy-cap 🙂
rice cereal












Sometimes my mom add a teeny-tiny piece of mashed bananas to her rice cereal mix for her breakfast and she likes it a lot! She makes a funny kinda sound when I feed her rice cereal. I have noticed it quiet often and I assumed that if she likes her food, she talks while eating it and thus gets that funny note 🙂 Haha, clever lil girl, I should say 🙂

Yes, we had guests @ our place last week and it was deftly fun-filled one. And exhaustive. And entertaining. And tiring. And exciting.

We had my DH’s cousin, her mom & her daughter – a 10 month old cutie-pie visit us. We had so much fun roaming around the city. Even planned & went for a day trip,yea a road trip with my LO too. But we learnt one new thing about Shriya. Yes, she doesnt like car rides offlate. Dunno why 😦 But the moment she was in her car seat, she started to cry. I had to sit next to her and pacify her. I’m really scared now, to try out our first flight trip and first vacation trip with my LO, which is in this week. We are planning to visit my BIL in Delware and thereby plan for some day trips in & arnd their city, like Atlantic City, NY, NJ…All lies in the hands of Shriya and we know that all these are possible only if she allows us to enjoy 😛