Yes, we had guests @ our place last week and it was deftly fun-filled one. And exhaustive. And entertaining. And tiring. And exciting.

We had my DH’s cousin, her mom & her daughter – a 10 month old cutie-pie visit us. We had so much fun roaming around the city. Even planned & went for a day trip,yea a road trip with my LO too. But we learnt one new thing about Shriya. Yes, she doesnt like car rides offlate. Dunno why 😦 But the moment she was in her car seat, she started to cry. I had to sit next to her and pacify her. I’m really scared now, to try out our first flight trip and first vacation trip with my LO, which is in this week. We are planning to visit my BIL in Delware and thereby plan for some day trips in & arnd their city, like Atlantic City, NY, NJ…All lies in the hands of Shriya and we know that all these are possible only if she allows us to enjoy 😛