From Sep 12, 2009 I started feeding her tiny amount of Gerber 1st Foods. I tried Carrots, AppleSauce & Sweet Potatoes for initial trial period. Touchwood, she seems to like all 3 of ’em.


I initially started with carrot thinking that she might get attracted to the colour of the food & I was 100% correct! 🙂 She was instantly attracted to the color of the food I had in my hand and was very curious I should say. And so, my first trial was a great success! I add 3 tsps of water in the bowl at the end and feed her to water mixed with the leftover food in the bowl and she just gulps them down!!!


Needless to mention the Applesauce & the Sweet potatoes here, babies DO like sweety stuffs and Shriya is no exception for that. And yday, it was even more funny to hear her make those noises, like, demanding for more food. Usually I give her 1/3rd of 1 pack of Gerber 1st foods but yday she had 1/2 a pack of AppleSauce. She LOVES APPLESAUCE!!! And as a result, she drinks very less formula, the feed that follows her solid food. I got panicked (nothing new, duh!) and checked with her nurse, who said that babies until 1 yr of age need about 24 Oz of formula / breastmilk ATLEAST…I calculated and horribly, she has close to 15oz a day which is very very less. So I decided to cut down the Quantity of Solids and add on more Formula for her., which I know she will resist initially but HAS TO drink EVENTUALLY! She knows, her mommy is strict 🙂 with her food habits!!! 🙂


Now, this week, I’m gonna try for Gerber Beans / Peas…Fingers crossed!!!