I have started Rice cereal Single Grain for my lil one from her 4th month. I started giving her rice cereal after her Ped’s 4th month visit and her ped was quiet fine with it. My initial attempt was futile, but I was not ready to give up 🙂 A typical mommy, hmmm!!!
I added lil formula in her rice cereal and a pinch of sugar and lo behold!!! she started liking it 🙂
Added another “success feather” on my Mommy-cap 🙂
rice cereal












Sometimes my mom add a teeny-tiny piece of mashed bananas to her rice cereal mix for her breakfast and she likes it a lot! She makes a funny kinda sound when I feed her rice cereal. I have noticed it quiet often and I assumed that if she likes her food, she talks while eating it and thus gets that funny note 🙂 Haha, clever lil girl, I should say 🙂