October 2009

In our tradition, we perform a function called “Annaprasanam” when the baby is ready enough to take solids. Since we already started giving her Rice cereal and in which she graduated from Single Grain to Whole Grain 🙂 (Yea, she now eats whole grain cereal :-)) we thought why not offer her the rice we eat. Though she still hasn’t got her tooth, we can still give her rice in a very mashed form. We do this ceremony usually @ our house or @ the temple and we preferred temple to do the same. So, last weekend, Oct 25th 2009, we scheduled for a Hindu priest @ the Hindu Temple of Atlanta and offered rice to Shriya. It is usually “Rice Payasam” where in Rice is cooked in Milk and sugar. We had invited some of our friends also who came n blessed the LO. Shriya liked the rice with milk mixture very much n happily ate a few of it, rather, licked the mixture 😛

God bless Shriya n hope she eats nutritious healthy food!


And, here’s a picture of my mom feeding Shriya Annam (Rice) payasam



Uffffff…This is the feeling Shriya giving us offlate 😦

Ever since she turned 6 months, she’s not sleeping well. She WAS a very good sleeper, not anymore. Usually, she sleeps from 9PM till 6AM, sometimes even until 7AM. But from her 6th month completion, its royally screwed up.

She wakes up EVERY HOUR!!! I mean every possible hour she is waking up. Being a working mom, I find it really hard to be productive @ work, and with her too, in the evenings. I tried all possible options; layering her so that she is not feeling cold, setting the temperature @ moderate one, feeding her even when she’s fast asleep, gas releif drops…Nothing is working out. I’m going to try some more options, before I let her cry n pacify on her own. I hate to do that, hearing her cry @ the middle of the night, aches my heart 😦 . I lift her, comfort her, nurse her and finally put her beside me and sleep, and she SLEEPS !!! My DH says that its my mistake and I’m making her used to late nite feedings and offering comfort and to top it all, making her sleep in our bed, he says thats my biggest mistake. But you know, its mom’s feeling…unable to leave the baby to cry in the nite time 😦

I’m soooooo helpless here. Just praying GOD that shriya becomes good sleeper AGAIN 😦

Happy ‘thala’ Diwali Shriya 😀 😛 darlin’

Oct 17 2009 is Shriya’s first diwali. She was the first person @ our home to take Ganga-snanam, wear new dress, eat n sleep. (Did I say sleep??? Can you say 30-minute sleep – a sleep??? Nah,,,lets call it as a power – nap 🙂 ), visited temple & met @ our friends place for dinner.

Ganga-snanam for Shriyu darlin’ 🙂

Ganga-snanam for Shriya


And presenting, Shriya Srinivas, in one of her Diwali attire, after her bathe 🙂

Diwali attire


During our trip to the temple and from temple to our friend’s place – she was well behaved. Slept all thru the time 😉 (Mommy calls that ‘well-behaved’, hahaha) & wonder of wonders, ate her dinner time cereal @ our friend’s place without any FUSS, i mean noooooooo fuss @ all…Hmmm, I guess, she needs a group of atleast 10 ppl around her to have her cereal 🙂 Naughty girl! But as we crossed her bedtime, we know we are in trouble and she was constantly cranky on the way to our home, which was just 8 mi from our friend’s place. But still, baby is a baby…We realised that we should’nt mess with her naptime 🙂


Sorry chelluuuu

Ah,,,,how time flies!!! By the time we realise it, she’s already 6 months ! 🙂

Yes, my baby is 6 months now.

Happy 1/2 year birthday chellam

Goshhhhh I dunno how I forgot to post this…Yes, Shriya had her long weekend vacation by air. We flew in to my BIL’s place @ Delaware for Sep – Labor day weekend. IT was about 1.5 -2 hrs flight during which Shriya behaved reasonably good.

During our onward journey, she had her bottle during take-off but didn’t sleep during the flight. There was another cute lil one by our side, so these2  were communicating in their own slang 🙂 We visited Atlantic city, the next day eve (on Friday) and NY. NJ on whole of saturday. That was the part I feared most, thank god, and hey, thanks to Shriya, she co-operated really really well.

During our return travel, she slept with lil hassle but was good during the flight. Couldn’t ask for more from a 5 month old 🙂

Thanks once again hon for co-operating well during our first long weekend flight travel 🙂