Goshhhhh I dunno how I forgot to post this…Yes, Shriya had her long weekend vacation by air. We flew in to my BIL’s place @ Delaware for Sep – Labor day weekend. IT was about 1.5 -2 hrs flight during which Shriya behaved reasonably good.

During our onward journey, she had her bottle during take-off but didn’t sleep during the flight. There was another cute lil one by our side, so these2  were communicating in their own slang 🙂 We visited Atlantic city, the next day eve (on Friday) and NY. NJ on whole of saturday. That was the part I feared most, thank god, and hey, thanks to Shriya, she co-operated really really well.

During our return travel, she slept with lil hassle but was good during the flight. Couldn’t ask for more from a 5 month old 🙂

Thanks once again hon for co-operating well during our first long weekend flight travel 🙂