Happy ‘thala’ Diwali Shriya 😀 😛 darlin’

Oct 17 2009 is Shriya’s first diwali. She was the first person @ our home to take Ganga-snanam, wear new dress, eat n sleep. (Did I say sleep??? Can you say 30-minute sleep – a sleep??? Nah,,,lets call it as a power – nap 🙂 ), visited temple & met @ our friends place for dinner.

Ganga-snanam for Shriyu darlin’ 🙂

Ganga-snanam for Shriya


And presenting, Shriya Srinivas, in one of her Diwali attire, after her bathe 🙂

Diwali attire


During our trip to the temple and from temple to our friend’s place – she was well behaved. Slept all thru the time 😉 (Mommy calls that ‘well-behaved’, hahaha) & wonder of wonders, ate her dinner time cereal @ our friend’s place without any FUSS, i mean noooooooo fuss @ all…Hmmm, I guess, she needs a group of atleast 10 ppl around her to have her cereal 🙂 Naughty girl! But as we crossed her bedtime, we know we are in trouble and she was constantly cranky on the way to our home, which was just 8 mi from our friend’s place. But still, baby is a baby…We realised that we should’nt mess with her naptime 🙂


Sorry chelluuuu