In our tradition, we perform a function called “Annaprasanam” when the baby is ready enough to take solids. Since we already started giving her Rice cereal and in which she graduated from Single Grain to Whole Grain 🙂 (Yea, she now eats whole grain cereal :-)) we thought why not offer her the rice we eat. Though she still hasn’t got her tooth, we can still give her rice in a very mashed form. We do this ceremony usually @ our house or @ the temple and we preferred temple to do the same. So, last weekend, Oct 25th 2009, we scheduled for a Hindu priest @ the Hindu Temple of Atlanta and offered rice to Shriya. It is usually “Rice Payasam” where in Rice is cooked in Milk and sugar. We had invited some of our friends also who came n blessed the LO. Shriya liked the rice with milk mixture very much n happily ate a few of it, rather, licked the mixture 😛

God bless Shriya n hope she eats nutritious healthy food!


And, here’s a picture of my mom feeding Shriya Annam (Rice) payasam