For the past few weeks, she hasn’t been sleeping well, and she wakes up every hour in the night. That’s right, EVERY HOUR and it sometimes does annoys us. Being full-time working parents, we find it little difficult when we lose our sleep. Thank god, my mom is still here to assist us, can’t imagine our state when she leaves 😦 Will deftly miss u, ma

We’ve been thinking over so many possiblities for her fussiness. And tried many remedies to overcome it too. All in Vain 😦

1. We thought she might be having stomach issues, so gave our traditional gas relief called, Gripe water, still she doesn’t sleep through the nite.

Gripe water

2. Maybe, she’s gassy??? Tried Mylicon too 😦


3. She may be constipating, mebbe she’s got stomach discomfort. Tried Raisin water too 😦 but in vain


4. Maybe she’s too cold??? Tried to put on a warm sweater, socks on her. No, she just would’nt sleep.

5. Maybe she’s feeling warm? Tried to remove her layers too, no. She wouldn’t sleep again


So, I finally nailed it down to an option that she may be Teething. And I’ve read some online forums that some babies do get cranky while they are teething. Watever it is, GOD please help us here 😦 and make her sleep well 😦

Sometimes its more frustating, but just could not express it to the lil one. Poor thing,,, baby, please sleep well, hon.