Shriya fell off from her bed :-O
I was working from home yday, fed my little one and put her on the bed with pillows around her and went ahead to do my work. The house was quiet, mom in the kitchen, me working in the living room. All of a sudden, we heard a Thud! and a cry. We rushed in to find the LO on the floor crying. My heart skipped a beat! I was freakin’ out and scared to death! Lifted the hurt one, patted her and comforted her. She stopped crying after some time. I laughed with her, talked to her, played with her, to make sure she is fine. And she was,

With a sigh of relief, fed her some cereal and played with her. But was lil scared at the back of my mind and so called n booked an apptmt with her Ped. Her doctor checked her and said she is FINE ! Whewwww, whatta releif! Really, a big relief. Though, he has asked us to watch out for any cross-eyes or vomitting.

Thank God, Shriya is safe. Never again I will leave her on her bed 😦 Oh Poor thing… Mommy says sorry, hon.