December 2009

After falling sick during the weekend, we took her to her Ped on Monday evening. After checking her, her doctor said that she might have had some viral infection, hence the fever and vomit. Now, she’s better and fine. 🙂 Also, we gave her the 2nd dosage of Swine Flu. Poor thing, cried initially when being pricked.

But so far what I’ve observed is, she cries initially when pricked, during her shots, but later, she is not whinny or fussy, she will be calm after her jab. I should say that she is pretty strong n brave 🙂

Good job, Shriya maaaaa.


Shriya is allllll on standing spree now. She doesnt want to crawl, no no to sit, just Stand!!! And sometimes it looks funny for us to see her standing for over 5-10 minutes at a stretch. The fact is, earlier, she was able to stand holding on to the couch or her high-chair, but she didn’t know how to get down to the floor after standing up 🙂 So she will keep on standing until she is rescued and will send out a cry seeking for assistance 😛

But now, my lil princess has learnt to get down to the floor. She will have one of her hand holding to the high-chair, bend her knees and using the other hand, she will touch n balance the floor and let go off the other hand. Hahaha. Soooo funny she is 🙂 Sometimes, it may end up in she leaving the other hand lose control quickly, and end up falling back on to the floor with a big thud and a bang on her back head but she will recover quickly. Brave girl, hmmmm.

And yday, we noticed, her high-chair was closer to the couch, so instead of using the other hand to get down to the floor, she caught hold of the couch, balanced on it, let go off her other hand and took a step closer to the couch and Voila!!! she transferred her standing balance on to the couch. Such a smart girl, she is !!! I wonder how this lil 8-month old has this much of common sense 🙂

And now, we are looking forward to move forward by taking little tiny steps… 🙂

Ah…sick during vacation is something no one likes 😦 , me too. But what to do when bacteria, virus and all those crappy creatures hit you. Nothing. Just stay @ home and don’t spread germs to others. That’s what we did.
4 days of vacation: DH was sick during 1st 2 days and DD was sick during last 2 days 😦

Poor lil thing, she was running temperature on Sat nite. Sun morn she was fine and active, but again was dull n cranky n feverish on Sun nite. Have booked an apptmt with her Ped this Afternoon. Hope her fever reduces.
Get well soon, sweetie, mom & dad are there with u.

Merry X-mas!!!
Shriya’s 1st christmas was spent wisely with mom & dad @ home. Pampered by mom’s love and playtime momemts with dad, she was one happy little sweetie-pie 🙂
4 days of vacation, with Shriya & Vas alone, doing nothing fancy, eating & sleeping @ home, watching TV & relaxing is just awesome 🙂
Happy Holidays!

Past few days I have been noticing that my lil one shows no interest in drinking milk. She refuses if I nurse her or If I give the bottle to her. So I stopped nursing her and she seems to be fine with it. And past few days, she is refusing to have formula too :-O I really have no idea as how to make her drink her milk and I want her to have milk. Hmmphhhhh….

It’s good in one way that she has weaned on her own. Now she’s 8 months old and I feel that this is the rite time for weaning and I’m happy that it happened on its own with no cry and no fuss 🙂
Good job Shriya ma.

My DH dropped her today @ the sitter’s house this morning as I was @ work.
I was crushed to hear her cry when I called the sitter 😦
I’m really helpless. Sorry, my lil bun. Waiting to see you, hug you, kiss you in the eve.
Love ya hon

– Mom

Dec 21st, Shriya spent 8 hrs without me/ my mum/ my DH
Poor lil girl…

Me & my DH dropped her at the sitter’s place on 21st morning around 9AM. We bundled her up in her bunny costume, made her really cozy, put a hat on her with ear flaps and a baby blankie around her. All set, she was in her car seat. And was all smiling. Poor thing was thinking that we are going out for a ride or some shopping. Little does she know that she will be dropped @ the sitter’s place that day 😦 I felt very bad and awful throughout our drive to the sitter’s house. When we went there, Shriyu looked @ her and when the sitter (aunty ji) tried to hold her and play with her, she refused to go to her. She started to suck her thumb and inclined on my shoulders. I was time to leave her 😦 Sighhhhh…I dropped her on the carpet to talk to aunty ji about her feeding schedule and there she was crying @ her high pitch 😦 After a while, another 6 month old baby that the sitter is looking after came in. And for some time Shriya stopped her cry, she got more curious to see another lil baby there and started move towards her. Surprisingly, the other baby girl’s name is Shreya 🙂 So now Shriya and Shreya started to touch at each other and exchanged smiles 🙂 Well, atlast, one happy sign that my lil one will be alrite. After a while, me & vas, went in the other room, and waited until she is ok with aunty ji and we quietly slipped away, with a heavy heavy heart. I was very upset and crying all the way back home. When we entered our home, it was empty, silent and my heart ached even more 😦 I just couldn’t control and burst out into tears again.

We called in the sitter, more frequently I should say, to check on Shriya. Was saddened to hear that she threw up the oatmeal breakfast that the sitter gave her. Made a call again by lunch time and learnt that the lil one is sleeping. Was thinking about the days when Shriya will sleep in the living room on her cradle swing, with exhaust fan ON so that she doesn’t get disturbed. I wonder how she was sleeping @ the sitter’s place and learnt later in the evening, that she slept in her car seat. Poor thing.

I was working from home and was waiting to get over with my work to pick up my bunny. As soon I entered the sitter’s house, Shriyu welcomed me with a bright smile on her face and an instant cry and I interpreted it as, ‘Where were you all these while and why did you leave me alone???’ Awwwwwwwwwwww I rushed and hugged my lil one and went aside to spend my alone time with her. And later my DH joined us. We later thanked aunty ji, got her soiled clothes and bottles and said bye-bye to her and left her place. Shriyu was hugging me and was inclined on me all the time.

We took her home, played with her and can very well see that she was glad to be home 🙂 She looked at all her things, our couch, the accent pillows on the couch and her familiar laptop, TV and she was very comfortable. Dad played with her while I went to fix some dinner and lunch for the next day. And yes, dad gave her milk and she enjoyed it by making all different sound and I joined her too :-P. Later, I joined them and we played and after feeding her dinner, I put her to bed.

So her first day was not very bad but not so good too. 1st half was bad, 2nd half was compartively ok, as the lil one slept for 2.5 hrs 🙂 Thank god. I’m just praying my appa to be with her always when we are not around. Thank you, appa. Love you, Shriya

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