Shriya is not sleeping well in the night ever since she turned 6 months. Initially, I thought, maybe its her growth spurt making her act crazy in the nighttime or maybe she’s teething 😦 But now I know its neither of those 2 :-X She simply is making us crazy now :-X . Why Shriya, why 😦

She wakes up every hour or even less than an hour’s time 😦 and cries…really, she CRIES, for no good reason 😦 I have read many forums online.
1. Temperature setting
2. Hunger
3. Dark room
4. Silent room
5. Reduce day-time naps (ah, she doesnt sleep in daytime too 😦 )

I have tried it alllllllllllllllllllll, but in vain 😦

Is there anyone to help us out here??????????