Poor thing, got sick again. Her fever has reduced now but I guess she caught up with cold & cough. 31st night, she couldn’t sleep at all,,,she was waking up frequently, I believe because of her nose block, chest congestion. I can hear her coughs and sneezes in the middle of the night. When called up the nurse helpline @ Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, they said Tylenol / Saline nasal drops might help the baby to releive from chest congestion. And we started giving her those medications. But apart from that, New Year was awesome with friends coming over, yes for Shriya 🙂 One of our friend’s kid, 4 months older than Shriya, kept her on the roll 🙂 That kid started to walk err…run, so it was fascinating for Shriya to see a baby of relatively close age of hers to walk n run, I guess. ha ha ha. And it was fun for us, parents, to watch the two kids play and talk in their baby language 🙂

And on Jan 3rd, visited our temple and Shriya prayed to God for well-being, happiness & health in the year 2010!

Shriya wishes all a Very very Happy & Prosperous New Year ~~~