Feeding shriya is always a battle for us. Ever since she reduced her consumption of milk, I got worried more & more. When called her nurse, she was very strong in her words saying that babies until 12 months of age need atleast 24Oz of milk a day and infact ordered me to cut down on her solids to increase her milk intake. But her Ped says, give her what she wants. So I have reduced the number of feedings a day for her and even her solids and concentrating on her milk as well as Solids.

Everytime when I take the spoon to her or the bottle, she will refuse and neglect it. But as soon we turn ON the TV for her favorite tamil-soap title song, she will get more interest to watch it and that’s the time, for mommy & daddy to feed her mouthful of food šŸ˜› hahaha… She doesn’t realise it until her fav song or commercial ends, hehe. And once it ends, dad will repeat it and mom will finsih feeding her. Phewwww !!! A battle won, atlast, by mommy & daddy. Yayyy šŸ™‚
But what to do, Shriya wins at times too šŸ˜¦ . When her bowl was getting to empty stage, I will be feeling happy-happy inside, but this lil brat will realise that mommy is going to win and she will shake her head or refuses the spoon to her mouth or move my hand away saying that she’s full & doesn’t need any more food. Still, I will try to feed her and she will avoid it and we have this battle for 5 mins, at the end, mom will give up & lil monkey Shriya will win šŸ˜€ Haha

Now as her new schedule, we have her morning breakfast milk, & I stopped her Oatmeal along with her milk. I’m fine as long as she takes in her milk fully in the morning. And after her nap, its milk again for lunch time and Gerber Veggies / Fruits / Home-made rice&dhal mix and then its nap time again for her. In the evening, will give her milk again and oatmeal before bed time. I hope she gets on to this schedule “without any fuss” for next 3 months šŸ™‚

Happy feeding mommy & Daddy, šŸ˜›