Haha, no it’s not the ‘attitude’ – attitude, but my lil princess has got some baby attitude, I beleive.

Here’s her milestones; she flipped when she was 4 3/4 (Oh yea, she wasn’t 5 at that time, but not 4 1/2 too, so I would like to call it as 4 3/4 months :-P) months old and she started to cruise when she was 5 1/2 months old. And she will cruise on non-stop from that time but just wouldn’t crawl. She started to stand, of course with a support, even before she could crawl. So we thought that she will not crawl at all and madam has got some attitude problem 🙂 According to her, crawling is what lil babies will do 😛 . But when we started to leave her @ sitter’s place, she started to crawl as she found cruising lil difficult in her appartment carpets. So from her 8th month, she showed us that, she can crawl too, but she was already able to stand. Now again her attitude comes in 😛 hehehe, she will crawl only to the closer reach areas like couch, or the high-chair, or the kitchen cabinets. And once she comes to her fav above said spots, she will stop crawling and start to stand by holding on to either one of those 🙂 How clever she is!

Now, past 1 week, she started to take lil teeny-tiny steps, again, by holding on to the couch or high-chair or kitchen cabinets. And last night, I noticed that she can take 2 steps and move litttttttttttttle bit and will pull herself down to the floor using her knees and settle on the floor 🙂

And I told myself, what a clever lil girl, she is. She uses her energy only if needed 😛 and not waste her time by crawling as she’s going to venture them out by walking soon 🙂
God bless!
Mwwahhhhh to Shriya kutty.