Ahhh the poor thing is getting sick since this New Year start 😦 Sigh…Not a good start for the LO health-wise, perhaps. I hope n pray that she gets better soon.

Jan 5th eve, Tue, I noticed a red bump in her Diaper area and applied Desitin cream before her bed time and Wed morn when I changed her, I found no bumps and was happy. But Wed eve, the LO looked very dull and when I changed her diaper, her diaper area was very very reddish and she screamed when I touched it to wipe it clean. Again I applied Desitin thinking, it will be alrite tomo morning. But Thur morn, it was still the same and I couldn’t see my daughter cry and scream in pain. So my DH took her immediately to her Ped and later discovered that she has Peri-anal Strep dermatitis. Poor thing, suffered a lot with this fungal infection.
And I was in no condition to send her to the sitter again and I took care of her while I was working from home. As she was put in antibiotics, she pooped a lot number of times, and everytime I try to clean her, she was screaming n withering in pain. I cried seeing her cry 😦 & prayed to God to help her. And for most part of the day, I left her without diaper and put on her diaper before feeding her (coz then I know that she will poop immediately ;-)) Friday, I couldn’t go to work coz of the snow & ice on the roads, and I was happy that I can take care of her one more day and helped her to releive of her pain by frequent cleaning and changing her and by the weekend, I could see that her reddish spots were much decreased and she was feeling much better 🙂 Thank God !!!

But one thing that still bothers me is her cold, which hasn’t reduced at all. I hope she gets better soon.
Love ya baby