Weekend was fun with our friends. 10 of us packed and started to spend weekend @ Blue Ridge cabins. Since the weather wasn’t suited for hiking or other outdoor activities, our plan was just to cook, eat & play. Loaded with the raw materials needed for cooking, right from Salt, Sugar till the masala powders needed for our Indian cooking we started off from our place 2.5 hrs beyond our target time (as always) 😀 I was all set for our getaway but my only fear being able to reach the cabin atleast before 9PM so that I can feed my LO her dinner. But sensing the late start I fed her dinner before we started. Clever-me! Like our earlier cabin vacation, this time also we had spooky-eerie night time search. The road, as per no-mile-marker-directions-we-got, which we thought will end in couple of miles didn’t end even after 10 miles & we thought we were off-way. But later found out that we still have to drive some more and finally found our cabin @ 10 30 PM.
Surprisingly, both Shravan & Shriya were awake as soon as we stopped @ our cabin and once we entered n settled down, they were active n playing :-O It got us like couple of hours to put them to bed and it was our game time until 5AM 🙂

Saturday dawned @ 9 AM and it was fun making Pancakes, Omlette, Toasted Bread with jelly for breakfast. After a hefty breakfast, we all settled down to play Literature while the kiddos dozed-off completely for hour and half after heavy breakfast 😛 Then its lunch time and hot-tub time for the guys. The kids were playing and running hither n thither. Shriya got used to all our friends n was gleefully playing. Mom & Dad, needless to say enjoyed the toothless smile 🙂 Again when the little ones dozed off after lunch, we all set in for a game of Monopoly 🙂 Shriya tried hard to tear down the Taboo cards with her mouth but couldn’t succeed. Hahaha it was funny to see her expression everytime when she failed to tear the Taboo card, well she thought she can chew it to pieces like she usually does with the Bounty or some mag pages 😛

The trip was overall joyful for us with our friends & with our LO and I’m sure Shriya enjoyed it as well 🙂