February 2010

The 3rd weekend of Feb was awesome here in Atl. The weather was in 60’s and we thought Spring is here! Huh, only when we checked the next week’s weather forecast we thought we were duped by Mr.Sun 😛
But anyways, we weren’t ready to spoil this sunshine mood of our friend,Sun. It was a bright, sunny day and we went out for a drive to EB Bagels for Brunch. Shriyu loved the weather and the drive 🙂 Here’s a click before we headed out


Hmmmm, Daaaaaaaddddd, it’s wrong syntax, that’s why you are getting an error.
Okay, I fixed it, now compile & run 🙂 It will work 🙂

Hehe, My LO loves Daddy’s laptop 😉

Always wanted to take picture of Shriya in her Diaper and here it is 🙂

Happy Valentines Day, hon-bun 🙂
As the LO was lil sick with cold & cough, mom & dad decided to spend V Day by going to Thai restaurant nearby, ofcourse with our precious 🙂 We were dressed up in Red and had a lovely dinner on Feb 14th 🙂
Needless to mention, Shriyu was loved by the guests in the nearby tables and we saw their ooh’s and aah’s when she smiled and waved at them 🙂
Oh, my sweet little naughty girl 🙂

Shriya was all bundled up and covered to enjoy the snow last weekend 🙂

Yea, the ear infection monster didnt show any mercy on my 10 month old 😦 It striked her and poor thing was cranky the whole weekend. Monday morning, as her cough increased, we got worried. I booked an apptmt with her Ped and took her in on Monday A/N and the doc said that she has got her left ear infected. Poor thing is on antibiotics again. Sigh. She spent monday A/N with me and Tuesday also with me, as we didnt send her to the sitter. But god, I tell u, managing this little thing, work, kitchen — all combined is one hell of a task ;-P
Having a sick, cranky kid @ home, one can do NO other work 😉 even taking a restroom break is challenging 🙂

Get well soon honey-bun

LO is getting sick often now, thanks to Atl winter weather. I should say this winter is a horrible one, as we ATL-ites got out 2nd snow for this season, which is very very unusual for us. And this time, it was very severe. We had snow flurries that started on Fri, 12th Feb noon and by the evening it was about 4 inches of snow. Also some parts of GA had 6 inches of snow. Goshhhh that is so bad. I mean, it looked cute, the place was alllllllllllll white but the weather made my baby sick :-X and I hate when she falls sick 😦 Poor thing, has got runny nose and now she has developed some cough since yday. I wish she gets better soon.
Get well soon hun-bun

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