March 2010

Yeyyyy, as said earlier, its always fun to plan and prepare party for your loved ones. And in my case, its even more fun and happiness for me to plan my DD’s 1st birthday. Having decided the venue, menu, time for the party, the invitations (eVite, of course) are sent out, goodie-bags are prepared…Now, its time to head out to the Party City n pick some Party decors…
And oh yea, 1st bday portrait is taken and Shriyu co-operated very well…And portrait turned out good! Satisfied 🙂

Keeping my fingers crossed for a fun-filled birthday party 🙂

Come ‘n have some fun,y’all!!!


Oh yea, my DD loves to shake for the tunes 🙂 The toys she has, plays music, has got some colorful lights along with the regular A B C kinda music. And am noticing Shriya shaking her body for these tunes and its fun to watch 🙂 It makes me feel so happy that she loves music & dance and appreciates art 🙂 Can’t wait to tune her to Classical Bharathanatyam dance 🙂 Yeyyyy

I hate when my LO falls sick…She’s been sick on & off since this year start…Being 1st winter & day cared, its very easy for infants less than a year old to fall sick often. This is what I’ve heard and even her Ped says,..But as a parent, am unable to stay calm everytime she coughs or sneezes 😦 To top it all, she throws up often when she’s sick. That’s the most saddening part.

She will seem to be getting alright, but again, she will be coughing after a couple of days of wellness…
And mom says as she nears her 1st bday, she will get more sick…

Watever the reason may be, I do not like her being sick 😦 and I pray for her speedy recovery…

Can’t believe she’s turning 1

These are the words I often hear from new parents and I totally agree with it! I just cannot believe that she’s turning 1 in 3 weeks time 🙂 Time flies!!!

While I scratch my head looking over various themes, cake designs, browse the internet, visit the Party city, to plan for her birthday party, I see my DH happily playing with our LO, saying, ‘You are there to take care of everything, why should I worry’…That’s the bonus points you get having me as party-planner 🙂 And I’m very happy to do this. Not even for this bday party, but any other event or road trip or vacation, I love to plan ahead and have it organised to avoid any last minute surprises 🙂

And this party, holds a very special one in my heart and I dare not miss the fun of planning the same. I love to create memories, I love to take pictures and I treasure those. Even now, when I look into my DD’s 1st picture, I can notice 2 teeny-tiny drops that wet down my cheeks…And I want to create good memories for my DD’s 1st bday.

We have finalised on Minnie Mouse theme for Shriya’s 1st bday. It’s going to be:
Minne Mouse face cake
Minnie Mouse party decors
Minnie Mouse favor bags
Minnie Mouse ballons

Goshhhhh, am so excited!!!

Shriya walks all around our living room by dragging her fav toy, pooh – aeroplane. She just loves the music, lights from it 🙂 Its a 4-wheeled toy where she can sit in and move. But nah, that’s what other kids do, and she’s different :-P, in the sense, she will stand behind it, holding it with her little tiny hands and push it forward and she walks along with it. If its in the center of the room, she will push it and bang it against the wall (god save our wall and h/w floors), leave it there and crawl back to some other toy. Here’s a video of it 🙂 Enjoy

As I ended up the call with my mom and laid my landline down on the floor, Shriya was attracted to that, as usual and came running (read as crawling) for it. Thinking that she will play with the dial pad as always, I just didnt pay much attention to that. But she picked it up and held it over close to her ears in her shoulder and I was surprised to see this!!! Oh, my clever little one knows that, we hold it close to the ears/shoulders and was trying to imitate us. How cute!

Shriya loves to play. Infact more than her, I love to spend time time with my lo and laugh&play with her and will be waiting for 6 PM for my precious lil daughter to come home from her daycare. As soon as she comes out of her car seat, she will hug me and lie on my shoulders and konjify me 🙂 or rather, chellam-konjify herself with me…And I will be showering her with hugs & kisses. Then she will look around the house, the TV, her toys and gives a good-wide smile that will let go off my days’ tiredness 🙂 Then we sit down and play with her toys, she will climb over me, slide down, goes near her toys and again come back to me.

And the new play game we have discovered is
1. uh-ohhhh – As soon as I say this, she will burst into laughter and I will Laugh Out Loud along with her.
2. Rolling my eyes – I dont know what & why makes her laugh to this but I love to entertain her by rolling my eyes
3. All time fav – Peek-a-boo – Does this need an explanation? 🙂

How much ever silly the game might be, the more I’m sillier, the more it makes my lo laugh and I laugh & play with her 🙂 Precious moments…

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