I introduced Sippy cup to my LO when she was close to 6 months. As she was fussing a lot in drinking her formula, I thought mebbe she will take it from a cup. Nahhh, I was totally wrong about my daughter :-P, bottle / sippy cup / Stainless steel tumbler — was not the reason, formula is the one she didnt like 😛

Now, shes 10 months old and I want to introduce the cup again to her. And I think in few days of practise I will get her trained in using her sippy cup 🙂 I give her water in it and only when she’s thirsty, like after her play time and she sees the cup and hold it…and tries to sip the water from it. Now she’s old enough to hold it on her own,,,and she likes to use it too 🙂 Yayyyyy good job, Shriya kutty 🙂

Here’s a pic of her using her cup on her own 🙂 but I guess she was biting it rather than sipping it 😛