Phewwwww, she’s going to be 1 soon. OMG, Time does flies!!!

As I was involved in my Sunday night ritual of packing her Diaper Bag for the rest of the week to send it over to her sitter, I was listening to the Oscar Red Carpet from the TV in the other room. And suddenly, my mind raced to the last year’s Oscar’s, that was witnessed by millions of Indians all over the world. Every Indian’s silent prayer was ARR should grab an Oscar, which was answered by God, by giving him not 1 but 2 Oscar’s 🙂 I rememberd watching it with 10 other friends of us @ our friends place, me slightly releived from my Morning sickness, getting little big, tired,sleepy and how we came home just for me to lie down to mark the end of day for me…Hmmmm, and now this year, my LO is almost 11 months and here Iam packing her Diapers, wipes, dresses to go with the baby sitter 🙂 And thinking about next year, she will be a toddler playing in her own world of girlie stuffs, dolls,,,,There’s no Pause/Stop button in our life but sure there’s a Record button like this post, which will record all my memories for my daughter for her to cherish in her life 🙂

Love u honey-bun