Wowwwww am in heaven already 🙂 Shriya now says ‘Amma’ ‘Amma’ and everytime she says that makes me fly 🙂 That 4 letter word – priceless!

Everytime i sit in the couch and she plays with her toys, the minute she sees me, she crawls to me and stands holding the couch saying, ‘amma, ammmmma, ammmmmmmma’ & I lift her and give her a tight-squeezyyyy hug & kiss her. Immediately, her mouth widens with a big big smile and she will start her portion of konjals to me 🙂 And there we go, konifying each other 🙂

Now, the little one started to walk all around the living room holding on to the wheeled-toy, am just looking forward and excited to see her walk on her own 🙂 [I know now I say this and the moment she starts to walk/run, life will be sweet-hell for me 😛 ]