Shriya loves to play. Infact more than her, I love to spend time time with my lo and laugh&play with her and will be waiting for 6 PM for my precious lil daughter to come home from her daycare. As soon as she comes out of her car seat, she will hug me and lie on my shoulders and konjify me 🙂 or rather, chellam-konjify herself with me…And I will be showering her with hugs & kisses. Then she will look around the house, the TV, her toys and gives a good-wide smile that will let go off my days’ tiredness 🙂 Then we sit down and play with her toys, she will climb over me, slide down, goes near her toys and again come back to me.

And the new play game we have discovered is
1. uh-ohhhh – As soon as I say this, she will burst into laughter and I will Laugh Out Loud along with her.
2. Rolling my eyes – I dont know what & why makes her laugh to this but I love to entertain her by rolling my eyes
3. All time fav – Peek-a-boo – Does this need an explanation? 🙂

How much ever silly the game might be, the more I’m sillier, the more it makes my lo laugh and I laugh & play with her 🙂 Precious moments…