April 2010

After being jetlagged heavilyyyyyyy, Shriya was up by noon time on Tuesday. Gave her a quick bath and fed her lunch, mom & I took her to KL Bird Park. It was a very short drive, close to 10 mins and we entered the Park. Little was I disappointed to see her not interested in watching birds 😦 Probably she wasnt able to see them inside the cage, I thought. But there were mannnnyy peacocks walking freely on the pathway, and she saw them walking alongside her stroller 🙂

No words needed for a caption here 🙂

Finally saw some smile on her face. But it didnt last much though 😦 She got cranky whenever I stopped the stroller and learnt that she’s still feeling sleepy. It was actually night time for us in Atlanta, USA. As I walked her with my mom, there was silence all of a sudden and I discoverd the LO sleeping calmly in her stroller. Poor thing is very tired. As we came home in the taxi, I turned on the AC and laid her down in the bed. And she continued her sleeping @ the home too. By evening, she was up and happy with a nice wide smile on her face.

By evening, my brother came from work and we all went to MidValley mall to shop @ Jusco. I got some baby stuffs for her immediate usage but lo n behold, it was waaaayyy pricey than our BabiesRUs. For instance, the baby safety cabinets lock was close to $3.XX @ BRUs but it was close to $10.XX here @ Jusco. Maaaannnn, I never wanted to buy here!

For dinner, we went to TFA Annalakshmi. I was very happy to meet my Dance teachers there and we had a very good dinner @ Annalakshmi.

Came home @ 10 30 pretty tired and just wanted to lie down. But this lil brat just wouldnt sleep. She tossed n turned n pulled my hair but just cannot sleep 😦 By 11 30 got up n gave her some Good Start and she slept after that. But I got really pissed off when she woke up @ 2 30 crying again 😦 And swayed her on my shoulders n put her to sleep…Had a peaceful sleep until 7 30 AM the next day 🙂 Thanks hon…for giving me a good nights sleep 🙂


Phewwww, Finally I’m done with my 30 hr air travel with my LO and now happily settled @ my mom’s place in Malaysia. 🙂 Well, for records’ sake, I travelled from Atlanta to Chicago, had 40 minute transit @ O’Hare and took my New Delhi flight from Chicago. That was a 16+hr travel with my 1 year old. Surprisingly, as it was night time in EST, she slept thru the flight. I shifted seats with a person and got overhead seat. As soon as the flight took off, she cried for few minutes and slept. I got a bassinet for Shriya and laid her down and stretched myself 🙂 Had my dinner and tried to get some sleep. But I was really scared that Shriya might wake up any minute and may fall off from her bassinet 😦 So I couldnt close my eyes continously for 10 minutes 😦 But it was ok as long as she sleeps and got some rest. Motherly feeling! 🙂

Last 3-4 hrs before touchdown, she got up and was playing…I had close to 1.5 hr transit @ New Delhi and got into Malaysian Airlines to reach my final destination. Phewwwwww It felt great as soon as the flight landed in KLIA. Happy n glee’ing as soon as I saw my mom, bro n SIL….they were showering Shriya with love hugs n kisses…It was a 30 minute travel to home and Shriya was amused by the new roads, people walking on the roads, car, honk, bell ringing @ the nearby temple 🙂 I had no doubt about her enjoyment throught out this trip 🙂

All’s well finally, I meant the travel…Feels great to be with my family, again 🙂 Relaxinggggg

Whenever I sit in the couch with Shriya playing on the floor, I’ve noticed that she wants to be held by me. And me thinking, poor baby – wants mommy, will hug her and lift her. But no, she doesnt want to come to me, rather she likes to play in the couch…Hmmmphhhhh
And then as she grew older, she started walking in the couch…Daddy & Mommy will be having an eye on her whenever she’s in the couch. Either she needs the remote, or the laptop my DH was working with or the opened mail we might have received that evening.

But now, she’s soon-to-be 1 naughty brat and she started climbing on the back-rest of our couch…After failing in initial 1 or 2 attempts, she’s a definite winner by the 3rd attempt and stands on the couch, holding the kitchen counter, reaching for any glass ware that I have lined up…And she taught me that its time to clear the counter and make it free from any stuffs.

Here’s a video to witness the same;

Yea, Shriya has started to walk on her own. April 12th evening, when my DH n DD were back from their work and sitter respectively, I held her as a part of my usual routine, showered her with mama’s kisses and hugged n squeezzeeed her tightly 🙂 and put her down on the rug in the living room. She stood holding the couch and started to stand on her own. She has been doing this offlate, standing on her own for 10 secs. And When she looked at me, she saw the remote in my hand and was curious to grab it from me. And voila! She took few steps…I was surprised, happy and called out my DH’s name loudly not enough loud to scare her. He came rushing to witness it too…and there she walked,,,,step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 and thudddd! She sat on the floor with a big sound 🙂 Me & my DH YOL, (yelled out loud , now that’s a new term 🙂 hehe), and were giving high-fives to each other and to the LO. She couldnt understand why we both were yelling but still managed to give a high-five and a BIGGGG smile 🙂

It was a precious family-moment for the three of us 🙂

Good job Shriya ma

My little one crawls weirdly offlate…she crawls normally and after 2 steps, she lifts her knees off the ground and walks like a dog :-D, pretty weird huh, oh yeah 😀

Yes, the place I love in the whole house…Nah, that’s not me telling it loud, its my LO 🙂 Whenever I’m in the kitchen, she will come running (read as crawling) behind me and open the cabinets, play with the empty boxes…Or the Utensils cabinet… If she’s given a warning, then its the trash can area where she loves to play :-O
Out of all the spots in 2800 sq.ft house we live in, this is where she likes to play :-O &
Out of all the umpteen number of toys she has to play with, this is what she likes to play with :-O 🙂

But whereever she is, she is just happy in her own world which I admire! It’s always fun to watch her play, it amazes me so much, how creative she is. When she plays in the living room, she picks her toys, moves it to another spot, tries to keep it in high chair (but it slides down…that’s a whole different story, she still doesnt know to differentiate between a sliding spot and a flat spot. So the little toys, she tries to place them in sliding part of the chairs’ legs & eventually it falls down to the floor, she picks it and tries again and again and again…) or the way she takes down empty boxes, puts 1 inside another or putting her washcloth back on the couch (if its on the floor) or puts in on the floor (if its on the couch)
Hahaha, its always fun to watch her play 🙂 be it Kitchen or living room or the worst, trash area 😛

Whoaaaa whatta Sunday…We thought of staying @ home after the party day, but went for picnic in nearby park with our friends…And yes, Shriya loved the sun…Though its her 2nd Spring/Summer, she didnt come out during her 1st Summer time as she was a new-born…And now, soon-to-be 1 year old (April 16th) She thoroughly enjoyed her fun-time in the park,,,,be the swing or the slide,,,she liked everything…And I made a thought to myself that I should get her out to the park often once she starts to walk on her own 🙂 I’m sure she will love it…

Baby girl enjoying in the Swing

And Shriya climbing up the Slide in the opposite direction 😀 Naughty brat!

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