Yes, the place I love in the whole house…Nah, that’s not me telling it loud, its my LO πŸ™‚ Whenever I’m in the kitchen, she will come running (read as crawling) behind me and open the cabinets, play with the empty boxes…Or the Utensils cabinet… If she’s given a warning, then its the trash can area where she loves to play :-O
Out of all the spots in 2800 sq.ft house we live in, this is where she likes to play :-O &
Out of all the umpteen number of toys she has to play with, this is what she likes to play with :-O πŸ™‚

But whereever she is, she is just happy in her own world which I admire! It’s always fun to watch her play, it amazes me so much, how creative she is. When she plays in the living room, she picks her toys, moves it to another spot, tries to keep it in high chair (but it slides down…that’s a whole different story, she still doesnt know to differentiate between a sliding spot and a flat spot. So the little toys, she tries to place them in sliding part of the chairs’ legs & eventually it falls down to the floor, she picks it and tries again and again and again…) or the way she takes down empty boxes, puts 1 inside another or putting her washcloth back on the couch (if its on the floor) or puts in on the floor (if its on the couch)
Hahaha, its always fun to watch her play πŸ™‚ be it Kitchen or living room or the worst, trash area πŸ˜›