Yea, Shriya has started to walk on her own. April 12th evening, when my DH n DD were back from their work and sitter respectively, I held her as a part of my usual routine, showered her with mama’s kisses and hugged n squeezzeeed her tightly 🙂 and put her down on the rug in the living room. She stood holding the couch and started to stand on her own. She has been doing this offlate, standing on her own for 10 secs. And When she looked at me, she saw the remote in my hand and was curious to grab it from me. And voila! She took few steps…I was surprised, happy and called out my DH’s name loudly not enough loud to scare her. He came rushing to witness it too…and there she walked,,,,step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 and thudddd! She sat on the floor with a big sound 🙂 Me & my DH YOL, (yelled out loud , now that’s a new term 🙂 hehe), and were giving high-fives to each other and to the LO. She couldnt understand why we both were yelling but still managed to give a high-five and a BIGGGG smile 🙂

It was a precious family-moment for the three of us 🙂

Good job Shriya ma