Whenever I sit in the couch with Shriya playing on the floor, I’ve noticed that she wants to be held by me. And me thinking, poor baby – wants mommy, will hug her and lift her. But no, she doesnt want to come to me, rather she likes to play in the couch…Hmmmphhhhh
And then as she grew older, she started walking in the couch…Daddy & Mommy will be having an eye on her whenever she’s in the couch. Either she needs the remote, or the laptop my DH was working with or the opened mail we might have received that evening.

But now, she’s soon-to-be 1 naughty brat and she started climbing on the back-rest of our couch…After failing in initial 1 or 2 attempts, she’s a definite winner by the 3rd attempt and stands on the couch, holding the kitchen counter, reaching for any glass ware that I have lined up…And she taught me that its time to clear the counter and make it free from any stuffs.

Here’s a video to witness the same;